Digital Electric Oven? Maybe New For You! What Do They Do?

 There are many types of oven that exist in this world. People would just say “oven” in their normal daily-lives conversation. But you should know which type of oven they are talking about. Either electric, gas, built-in, double, microwave or brick oven, they are different. When those type of oven divided into few below them, the minor type can be shown as digital or analog.

What Is Digital Electric Oven?

Digital electric oven is a type of oven that is electronically using digital control as the interface instead of the ones that are using manual timer or analog buttons.

How Can Digital Electric Oven be Different from Other Ovens?

Depends on the type of oven, the digital electric ones can be really easy to control. Digital oven is very high accuracy unlike analog interface type of oven that people usually just set them in minutes while in digital you can set them in seconds timer too. That’s how accurate the digital type are.

Digital Electric Oven EKF 311 D UD

EKF 311 D UD oven is a 3-trays EKA branded oven selling in our company, CN United, that has direct steam feature as an option to a customization cooking with 10 levels controlled by digital panel. It can provide customers with ready meals or prepare quick deli recipes.

One of the main feature of this oven is it has a programmable delayed start feature that grants you ability to decide beforehand what time you want to cook for your dishes.

To save your kitchen space, this oven has stackable feature too. It installed with IPX3 type of water protection from spraying water.

Where Can I Find More Information About This Oven?

There many websites out there that provide the information about oven. But for this EKF 311 D UD oven, you can visit this page and you can find the information such as features and specifications there.

For more information about this product, email


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