Who we are? What we do?

Established in 1999, C&N United Corporation Sdn Bhd is one of the top kitchen equipment suppliers in Malaysia. Since the beginning, the corporation is committed to supply comprehensive range of high quality products of assorted price range, as well as imported brands from Taiwan, Italy and USA.

Our ‘all-in-one’ store brings convenience to our clients as they do not have to search for different equipment from different suppliers. C&N United provides refrigeration and bakery equipment to hotels, food preparation equipment and cutleries to restaurants, stainless steel utensils and packaging machine to laboratories and many other products under one roof.


What makes us different from the other is that we are the only supplier cum manufacturer in Malaysia. Our very own manufactory is located in Shah Alam, where our dedicated, highly skilled team design and fabricate various kitchen equipment, and provide consultation for customized requirements. Here, we also offer professional service and total solution for new setting up and remodeling of commercial kitchen, hypermarket and retail for customers.

As a one stop solution to all your needs in commercial kitchen and food services industry, C&N United is expanding the business to a whole new level. We will soon have our C&N Showroom in Australia and C&N physical office in China.


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